Crashes during Gameplay after mild overclocking i5?

Hey everyone, i'm new to forums in general, along with TomwHardware so apologies for any errors...

Recently Build myself a rig for gaming, waited to OC until I got better CPU cooler (Got Coolink Corator DS). Everything is stable in Windows, and all games run flawlessly for hours when using stock CPU/Memory settings. My i5 760 stocks at 2.8, so i bumped it up to 2.9 then 3.0. Anything above stock CPU settings causes games to bluescreen after about 15-20mins. Temps are all down, All 4 cores never go above 40deg C, and Graphics card stays below 50deg C. Memory timing and voltages are both set to stock stated by manufacturer...

Any ideas on how to stabilize OC for games to stop them crashing?

Many thanks

New Build:

CPU: i5 760
MoBo: Maximus iii gene (latest Bios)
Memory: 2x2gb OCZ Reaper HPC @ 1.65v 7-7-7-24 timings
HD: Patriot Torqx 64gb SSD
GPU: Radeon HD 5850 @ stock
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  1. What PSU are you using? Also, what case and how many fans are you using? Try popping the side cover off the case an running to see what happens.

    You could have a heat or PSU issue (they are the likely candidates at this point).
  2. I cant see it being a heat issue, I have an old Antec P182 high tower case, PSU at the bottom out of the way, along with 4 x 3speed fans, with good cable management. The exhaust fan spits out cold air even under load. Ive maxed the CPU temps with IntelBurnTest and cores only reach 60 under maximum load...

    PSU is an Arctic 700w....700 should be plenty no?

    Any other ideas? Much appreciated : )
  3. Is your ram going over its stock rated speed? An i5 750/760 should be able to do 3GHz on stock voltage, however some ram cannot overclock much at all. Try dropping the ram multi and see if the crashes stop.
  4. First, if you care about your computer and the money invested in it at all, replace that PSU as soon as possible. There is more to power supplies than the stated wattage, and yours is over stated by about 150W's but that's only part of it.

    With that small of an OC it really shouldn't be crashing the computer when gaming, but who knows what kind of voltage ripple that thing is putting out.

    What voltages have you set, vcore,vtt,PLL,Pch ? and to what settings?
    What Bclk? What multiplier? What memory do you have? and what multiplier is it set at?

    Edit: geeze I'm slow tonight, EXT64 hadn't posted yet when I was typing. :D
  5. Hey EXT64,

    Ram is well below states speeds, its 1600 stock at 1.65v. I havnt pushed it past 1400...its usually not even 1333

    I did have my doubts over the PSU, it came out of my old rig so I will have no worries replacing it. Any suggestions for new one? Suggested Wattage for my build? Was thinking about OCX StealthXStream 700W. Overkill?

    I left voltages on Auto apart from RAM which I set to 1.65 as states on sticks.
    Disabled Speedstep
    Bclk no higher than 140
    Multi x 21

    Memory : 2x2gb OCZ Reaper HPC 1600 @ 1.65v 7-7-7-24 (But never got it to 1600)

  6. Or perhaps Corsair TX 650W PSU...?
  7. The TX650 would be a good choice and even give you room for expansion if you want to get a new video card in the future.

    Try this, raise your Bclk to 150 and lower your multiplier to 20, this will give you 3.0 Ghz. Keep your memory at 10x with default timings and voltage. Enable Load line calibration and manually set your vcore to 1.27v, vtt to 1.20v and then run Prime95 Blend for an hour and see if it passes that. Make sure to monitor your temperatures with coretemp or realtemp while stressing (keep core temps under 75c).

    BOTH these voltages should be more than you need. IF it passes then start lowering the voltages until it fails Prime95 then take it back up two notches and retest.
  8. Im prob being stupid but I cant find vtt in BIOS...Has it another name?

    Plus I cannot find a multiplier for RAM in BIOS...
  9. Sorry about that, yeah different Bios use different ways of doing things just to keep people on there toes.

    For ASUS

    VTT = IMC
    Memory multiplier is under Dram frequency, once you select it a few frequency options will pop up, these are determined by the memory multiplier and Bclk setting. So, if you had 140 Bclk the last frequency option should be 1400 Mhz.
  10. tried those settings, windows booted, but crashed during BurnTest Benchmark. Real temp showed only 50deg C when crashed ( Froze )

  11. strawberryswisher said:
    tried those settings, windows booted, but crashed during BurnTest Benchmark. Real temp showed only 50deg C when crashed ( Froze )


    That's overclocking, a whole lot of trial and error till you know what your chip and MB want.

    Are you using IBT or Prime to test?

    Do you have load line calibration enabled?
  12. IBT.. Yes enables

    Funnily enough, the maximus iii gene CPU Levelup Setting are working well. I know everyone says to do it manually in BIOS, but im running the AUTO Level up to 3.09 and its flawless in games and temps are down. May just quit while i'm ahead : )
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