Which of these two SSDs is the best for a boot SSD?


Im looking to buy an SSD for my OS and boot process..

I was debating between these two:

Can anyone tell me which one is the best?

I know one is vertex 2 and the other one is vertex 1, but on the features I cant tell which one is better, since vertex 2 is faster reading/writing, but it doesnt say that it has cache memory or w/e like on the vertex 1.

Also newegg says the vertex 1 one is the ultimate boot drive, besides the vertex 1 is more expensive than the vertex 2, even tho smaller in size...

Im confused..

I just want the best of these two to use as BOOT and OS holder, nothing else.
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    There's no reason to get a Vertex 1 any more unless cost is the ultimate decider. The Vertex 2 is faster and larger (in this case) and will last longer than the Vertex 1. I own the 30GB Vertex 1 and it's a nice drive, but the Vertex 2 is simply better.
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