How to format corrupt hard drive free

I re-installed windows xp on my dell insperon computer .I didnt have product key so i got one off internet which is corrupt and in foreign languge. i now have got the original product key to re install windows again but i need to format (wipe clean) first, can you help ????? when i used proper key and re installed xp still corupt and cant get on internet.
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  1. Here's how you do it:

    If you want to wipe clean say partition C or any other poartition you should get gParted. This software is great. you download Live CD for free from their site then burn it (Nero is probably the best for it) and reboot.

    Next you see all partitions and choose which one to format or delete if you want. i use it all the time whenever I need it :)

    Here's the link:

    Here's all the info you'll need: and
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