4 Pin or 8 pin CPU power


I am planing to upgrade my system.
Here are the Products i finalized.

Processor : AMD Phenom 2 - 955 BE
Mobo : Gigabyte GA-MA790XT-UD4P
Ram : 4 GB DDR 3 Transcend.

Problem is, I already have a Cooler Master Extreme Power 600w Power Supply, which has only one 4 pin cpu power connector. But the above Motherboard has 8 pin cpu power slot.

Can i use my 600w single 4 Pin CPU power connector with the Motherboard ?
Will there be any Problem?

I already have an XFX Nvidia 8800 GT OC which i will use with new config.

Please help....
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  1. Normally if there is an 8pin then using an 8pin is strongly recomended however it should work with only 4, just check your mobo book to find out which 4 pins to put it in
  2. The 4 pin connector will only fit in one side of the 8 pin one so you can't get it wrong. The issue is that I should think that the PhenomII 955 will need all 8 pins, whereas the lower powered CPUs should be fine with just 4 pins.
  3. After checking the manual it doesn't seem to matter at all if you use 4pins or 8pins. The only times I've ever NEEDED 8pins is with quad-core Intel CPUs, but then again all the AM2/AM2+ boards I've setup have only had 4pins.
  4. Thanks for the info.

    Can i use Molex to 4 Pin 12v Adapter to power remaining 4pins.
  5. No. The pinouts aren't right.

    Use the existing 4 pin connector. You should be fine. If you had an Intel mb, I'd say to use the 4 pins closest to the CPU socket.
  6. I have asked the Gigabyte Technical Support the same question, and here is their exact reply.


    About the issue you mentioned, basically, it should be ok to use 4 pin CPU power connector without problem. However, due to AMD Phenom II X4 955 is a 125W processor, if possible, we will suggest you to use 8 pin CPU connector.

    So i will continue to use the 4 pin connector.
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