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Guys, I took my external HD out of its enclosure and into my case (WD USB drive). And now I can't see it when I click on Computer, but yet the device manager and BIOS see it.
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  1. Have you ever used the hard drive? If not, it may need to be partitioned and formatted. Use Disk Manager (Start -> right-click "Computer" -> Manage -> click "Disk Management" in the left pane). Find the drive in the LOWER portion of the right pane and right-click on it to create a volume and format it.
  2. Yes I have used it, and I cannot afford to lose the pictures that are on it.
  3. The question is why can't you put it back into the hard drive enclosure take your pictures off then put it into your computer and use disk management to partition and format it?
  4. Yeah, if a direct connection doesn't work then the next thing I'd do is to put it back into the enclosure to see if that does the trick.
  5. I tried putting it back in the enclosure and it didn't work. So I got a demo of a data recovery program and it my data is still intact so I can recover all of it, being I have not formatted it. So here in a week or so I am going to buy the program and get my data back.
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