Running Q6600 CPU with PC10660 DDR3??


I need to know if running my Intel Q6600 with 4gb PC10660 DDR3 RAM will be OK?? Its just the CPU FSB is 266mhz & the ram ideally needs an FSB of 333Mhz. Currently i have kept my CPU FSB speed stock and made the DDR3 RAM Underclock to 1066Mhz, is this OK / safe? Does underclocking damage the RAM??

I have tried overclocking my CPU to 333Mhz FSB to the RAM runs at its Stock Speed of 1333Mhz but this causes my PC to stop booting / Posting. Dont know why it does this as I have OC'ed my CPU FSB to 333Mhz before, but i did alter the ratio so the RAM stayed at 1066Mhz. Set like that the machine booted fine. cant see why it would do ths as the RAM is PC10660 / 1333Mhz so in theory raising the CPU FSB to 333Mhz & keeping the DDR3 at stock 1333Mhz the machine should run.

Any ideas why i cant acheive this OC???


Running: -

2 x 2gb generic DDR3 PC10660 / 1333Mhz
2 x ATI 4870's 1GB
Corsair HX850 PSU
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  1. No. it wont hurt anything to downclock the ram, if you are trying to run the memory at the rated stock speed you may need to set the voltage and timmngs manualy to what the memory is rated for.
  2. A Q6600 should have no problem reaching 3.0 GHz (333 MHz X9) with little if any increase in core voltage with the stock cooler.
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