MATX HTPC case that can hold an ATX PSU?

Hi all.

I'm putting together an HTPC/Gaming system. I'd like to plop it into a mATX HTPC case, the cheaper the better.

I'm going to run a E8500 with 4GB DDR2 1066, 2 HDs, 1 optical, and probably a GTX 260. I wanted to use an Antec earthwatts EA380 380W as my PSU because I read that it's very efficient, and this thing will be on 24/7... will 380W be enough power though? Also, that would mean I need a case that's made for an mATX board, but has room for a full-sized card and a regular ATX PSU. Any ideas?

Cost is definitely the deciding factor here, but I'd hope to be able to avoid the mini-towers out there and instead fine a nice horizontal/desktop case that suits my needs.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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  1. CoolerMaster Elite 360 is only $39.99 at

    Take a good look at the photos. This case can be used as a horizontal desktop and it can accomodate an ATX PSU and and standard ATX motherboard. However, space will be tight.
  2. Not bad, it definitely looks like it'll hold what I need it to hold. I'd want to remove the company badge though.

    Any more ideas anyone?
  3. If you want to put the pc on a shelf with other home theater components, then you might want to consider a rack mount chassis. Here's the one I am looking at:

    NOTE - This is a very plain chassis and it's a little less than 14 inches deep. The aluminum front panel is blank. That would mean cutting for external drive bays, fans, and switches. This is more for case modders.

    Norco has some nice rack mount chassis in a variety of sizes:
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