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Hiyya all - probably in the wrong spot but it's the nearest I can find. The book in the thread title I would like to get (doing a build soon) and pricewise I can get it from the US cheaper than in Australia.

But before I go ahead and get this book would like some others opinions on whether it would be right / good buy for a teknocompromised person such as myself. :sol:
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    I like this site and it is very helpful; however, the book is from 1998 and will be a little outdated.

    If you goal is to learn about computers in general, the basic concepts described should still hold true.
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  3. THanks Emerald it's the basics I am after really. Used to do a bit of electronic stuff back when I was younf bloke - audio mainly mono / stereo and - with valves (vacuum tubes) then along came IC's pretty basic stuff then and the CPU's and chipest these days are light years ahead of what I understand.
    Plus I do seem to irritate some of the younger tech savvy folks with stuff I ask - and although they can be pretty rude at times, then there are other times when it's quite entertaining to seee what they write. Having said that I don't like the language at times especially when there are the fairer sex on the forums. Call me old fashioned I suppose.
    Anyway rambling (bad habit - but won't make me go blind LOL!!) thanks for your welcome reply again.
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