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Cat5 Cabling connection question

Last response: in Networking
July 5, 2009 9:31:41 PM

Hi guys... I'm new to the board and not an expert. I have a LAN with CAT5 cabling installed in my house. All of the wiring goes back to a main junction box where it is tied together. In one room I currently have a wireless datahub connected to the female RJ45 connection in the wall. I want to connect my new Blue-ray dvd to the internet. Can I just purchase some type of Cat5e RJ45 tee connector and plug the wireless hug into one of the new female connections and my DVD into the other (both then plugging into the wall RJ45 connection)? Is this going to cause me problems with internet speed on my wireless? Do I need to buy some type of multi-point switch to enable both of these devices to be installed? Appreciate the help!