Fsb increae or multiplier increase?

What seems to be more stable ? FSB increase or straight up multiplier increasing for achieving overclocks. I know FSB usually has a limit around 600MHz for most systems. Just recently spent about a week on doing multiplier raising tests only, results were negotiable.
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  1. raising the multiplier is just the easy way for black editions cpu only and using the fsb raises the northbridge and ram with it. normal way is lower ram/northbridge clocks and raise the fsb till the northbridge is ok then play witht he cpu multiplier and fsb to get it stable. thats the short of it from what i read and did myself. but i just went for 250fsb with 8x nb and 1333 ram settings which ended up putting the nb back to 2000 and ram to slightly over 1600. kept the cpu multiplier at 12x for 3ghz boot speed then use oc program to bump it up to 14x 3.5ghz. each bump up .5x gives me a 125mhz oc this way ive tried it up to 3.6 works but gets to hot for my liking on stock cooler
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