Sticky residue on Sapphire card?

I just received my new HD4670 for my new build and noticed a sticky residue on the underside of the card near the edge...essentially where one would apply pressure to insert the card into the slot. The rest of the edge of the card is covered by a passive heatsink that wraps around the card.

My first thought that I got a returned product from Newegg...perhaps someone got a little artic silver on their hands or was eating pancakes with syrup when they were doing the install. ;-) However, I was wondering if it might just be a product issue.

Anyone ever had or heard of an issue like this?

I just receive the card about an hour ago, so I haven't even installed it.
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  1. I'd say clean it off with a little rubbing alchohol. Sometimes the machines can, and do smear thermal adhesive during assembly. If the card doesn't work, you can always RMA it.
  2. its the stuff they use to stick the layers of the PCB together
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