My I5-760 Overclock W/ turbo

I just wanted to share some Benchmarks on my rig since I purchased it two months ago.
This is my first post and my first build. I've been able to get most of my info from Tom's so I thought I would share my build.

CPU: Intel I5-760
HSF: Hyper212 W/ Noctua 1300 Fan
MB: ASUS P7p55D-E Pro
Memory: 4 Gb G.Skill ECO DDR3 1600 7-8-7-24 1.35v
GPU: EVGA GTX 460 768mb
PSU: Corsair TX650
HDD: WD Caviar Black 640GB
Case: Coolermaster Storm Scout

Purchase price appx $1000 using New Egg Combo deals.
My main usage is Music, Photography (Lightroom) as well as internet. I also built it for longevity. My last computer cost twice as much I used it for 9 years before it got so slow I couldn't stand it. Researching for this got me interested in doing a mild overclock on this rig. Mainly to raise my memory to DDR3 1600. But how to do it with Turbo and EIST still enabled to get the best efficiency.

After many runs of IBT, Linx, and Prime 95, This is what I have hit. This is with all power saving features enabled (EIST, c3/c6/c7) Turbo enabled, and LLC disabled.

My VCore in BIOS is set to Offset +.0125v

3.6Mhz on 164 X 22.
Voltage is 1.16 on full 4 core load. My Max Temp has been 62c

With IBT or Prime 95 on 1 or 2 cores.
4.1Mhz on 164X 25.
Voltage shoots to 1.26 when Turbo kicks in. My max temp was 63c

With my rig idling it logs 1.48Mhz at 164 X 9. Voltage is .88.

And astoundingly NO ERRORS.

This I5-760 processor has blown me away with how easy it has been to overclock and how stable and efficient the platform is.

I may keep going.... :ange:
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  1. Congrats on the build and your OC results. Thanks for sharing. That's a good increase for such a minor V bump. For the benefit of others, did you set the other Vs (e.g. PCH, Vtt) and your RAM timings and V? Do you let your computer go to sleep after unused for a certain amount of time and if so does it sleep and wake up without issue? I suspect if you go much higher you'll have to sacrifice Turbo and/or EIST and C-states. But YMMV. Maybe additional V will keep it all working. If you do experiment further, let us know what you try and how it goes.
  2. Yes I agree. Good OC.

    I particularly like the acessories, like GPU and PSU on this system...they are definitly keepers in an upgrade.

    BTW, I thought I had made this post before but it must have stolen by the electronic gremlins.....
  3. My rig has fallen asleep a few times and has always woken up so far.
    CPU shoots up to 4.1 Mhz as soon as i do but It stays stable.

    My Ram voltage was manually fixed at the mfg's spec of 1.35v with the 7-8-7-24 timings. CPU-id confirmed the timings.

    My other voltages of PCH, IMC and PLL were left on Auto.
    My VTT voltage was set to offset off of normal voltage. If you leave this on auto the overclock can be achieved but with no power saving features and higher voltages. That had been my first succesful overclock,however my goal was to get all the power-saving features to stay enabled. Which you also have to enable manually. Do not leave them on auto or they may but, probably not, enable.

    I also find if you fix the voltages for the overclock it disables the power-saving and any overclock won't be stable with them enabled.

    I agree with you Ekoostik that I don't think I can go much higher. This whole build was intended to be efficient. Any additional voltage will give me a higher overclock I'm sure but the additional voltage will surely disable the powersaving features. With my Temps maxing at 63 degrees briefly on the Intel burn test. I'm quite happy with the mark.
    Last week,After I confirmed stability at the same settings, but at a 162 ratio (3.5mhz/ 4.0 w/ turbo) My temps never got over 59c on IBT. also at a 160 ratio it didn't get over 58c. I have a feeling If I bump it to 166 the temps may get up to high 60's.

    As a side note, I believe using low voltage memory helped me achieve a more stable overclock. Thats .25 to .3 volts that may be going somewhere else on the MB. ;)

    Thanks Jerryl, I overpaid a little for the newest model GPU. My original pick was a 5770 but I found the gtx 460 was more energy effecient and seem to run cooler. The Corsair PSU was a no brainer. I was going to get a modular Corsair but saved a lot on this one with a combo deal and a Mail in rebate. I figure between the two it's a wash.

    Hope this thread helps others to know that you can do a nice overclock with power savings and less heat. :sol:
    I'd like to see others try it. It's a very limited subject.
  4. Well I guess that is one way of looking at it...I on the other hand pushed as much vcore as I could at the system right off the bat and adjusted upward until I hit a BCLK at which it would not be stable at any longer, in jumps of 100Mhz.

    So I am at 4.2 w/a vcore of 1.352 and temps underload of 78/79. However, I don't use the system under that kind of load and of all the apps and games I play, the highest it get is 55 - 60 so I am not concerned about the heat. I just wanted the fasted PC I could get and not blow the thing up. And it is fast. I do some video and Audio work that now takes half the time over the i7 720 I was using before, and Star Craft II is a real pleasure with all the eye candy set to max.

    As to the corsair PSU, I don't understand the product line so seems like a lot of extra money for the modularity which is all I know about the higher end. There may be more bennies, but for the cost, almost 50% more, it is hard to see how much they could improve on the non-modular one to make it worth that much more. It sure is a lot of cables though. Did the PSU you get have the extra 2 PCIe cables? The specs say it comes with two and I got four and someone told me that it is essentially an unadvertised upgrade. I guess I can crossfire forever now :)

    That all being said, having taken a different route, I am impressed with what you have done.
  5. Nice OC. One interesting sidenote though, I found that having the power saving features enabled or disabled had little affect on the idle power usage of my i5. It claims to no longer downclock now, however the power at idle and temperatures at idle are the same as when it was @ stock with power savings.

    Edit: And I also really like the other choices you made in your build.
  6. Jerryl, The Corsair PSU's. The Non-modular (TX series), the 650 comes with 2 PCI-e Power plugs. The 750 & 850 come with 4 PCI-e power plugs. This is according to the manual I received with the PSU. 2 less cables I have to hide. My PSU still came with 4 pin to PCI-e adapters so I could attach a second GPU. But I don't plan on it.

    EXT64, Are you saying that your CPU is fixed at 3.6Mhz but when it's not being used it idles at appx 1.0 volt while staying at your set multiplier?
  7. UPDATE:
    Well after about a week I got a BSOD at start-up while windows was booting (about 5 seconds after the desktop popped up.) So I backed it down to 162. Funny how none of the tests picked up on it. I Figured I was just about on the edge with my voltage settings before I had to increase them.
    I have run this with no problems so far.
  8. Hey Mactruck1. I think you can do a little better, just reading a couple of your last posts. First off, you want to get IMC off auto. IMC is an integral part of the CPU OCing. The other thing is, doing a turbo enabled OC I find it's best to turn Load Line Calibration off. You set the voltage higher, but it drops under load and overall will lower the temps.

    I'm currently running 177 base clock with turbo on. IIRC, it's 1.38 Vcore (LLC off) 1.23 or .24 IMC/Vtt. Works great. My temps are max 70C with a Zalman CNPS10X Extreme.
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