Running 2 different drives, both with different OS for filetransferrin

Hello guys!

I've got a problem with transferring some files from disk 1 to disk 2.

THe first one is a 500 blue caviar with XP and about 200gb files on one partition, the second one is my current and also the target for the files to be transfered, which is a 1tb spinpoint f3, C, D and E partitions with windows 7, where systemfiles are at C, the steamclient and related games are at D and the rest(and the tranfering target) on E.

I do have sata cables and satapower enough to run them both, but wether it's possible to crosstransfer data(not all data, just about 500mb) between 2 disks both with a OS installed on each.

I've been using different searchengines but havn't found any relative thread with an answer for this very question.

Any input(or output:D) is highly appreciated!

//Filip, Sweden
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  1. "I've got a problem with transferring some files from disk 1 to disk 2. "
    What error are getting? this could be a permissions problem.
    Are both drives installed and you have a dual boot setup with XP? you may need to setup sharing on both OS's.
  2. I do not recieve any messages, I just have this task to finish, and you might be correct, I failed a bit on my grammatics, but this is mainly a question concerning the smartest way to solve this problem :)
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