X58 Motherboard for 2 4870s in CrossfireX

I am planning a build with 2 ATI 4870s and an Asus P6T motherboard. Recently I've read a bunch of reviews saying that the cards are too close together on this board and the top card is nearly impossible to keep cool. Does anyone have experience with this? Would I be better of with a Gigabyte / EVGA / DFI board?

My budget is about $200-300
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  1. hmmm...that's a new one on me. A double slot is a double slot, no matter who makes the board. You just need to get cards that vent out the back if you plan to crossfire, but that is true on any MB.
  2. I am looking at the ICEQ 4+ which vents out the back so maybe I will be okay.
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