Emachines Case Removal HELP! - T3656

Let me just first say that any help is greatly appreciated.

Now, I have an Emachines T-3656 Desktop that I just bought some new RAM for. It will be bumped up from 1 to 2GB. I just received the memory today and am at a loss with removing this case. Pictures of the same case:

Looking at that side profile pic, I figured which side of the case to open. If you look at the rear view, it is the right side panel (with and black handle to assist with opening I assume). I removed those two screws but this thing just will not open..and I've use quite a bit of force..as much as I could without bending the panel.

Can anyone help me with this?
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  1. Remove 2 screws and pull straigh out towards the back, it dont get any easier.
  2. Wow...thanks, I will try this now. I had only tried pulling UP...
  3. Ya you pull straight back.
  4. All finished. Thank you for your help. This is my first time working with computer hardware so I'm trying to figure this out and also trying not to hurt anything in the process. Next step is searching the web for how to make my computer run smoother and faster in other ways.

    Very glad I didn't just keep trying to force that panel upward..
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