QPI/DRAM Core Voltage?

I'm currently OC'ing my system, trying to edge everything I can, and its time for the QPI to be increased which should also mean decreased bottleneck.

I'm just a little worried about fiddling with the QPI/DRAM Core Voltage, as I heard somewhere that you need to stay 0.5v below something.

My CPU volt is 1.45 (i7-930)
DRAM Volt is 1.64v

Anyone knows the rule of this QPI/DRAM Core Voltage?
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    The max QPI from Intel is 1.35V. See table 2-6 in their datasheet.

    However you likely won't have to go that high. I've seen recommendations for keeping DRAM and QPI no more than 0.5V apart, which is the opposite of what you stated but may be what you are thinking of. In general, some folks have had trouble getting their RAM to run stable once bumped up to 1.65V without also raising their QPI / Vtt to 1.15 and thus keeping a difference of no more than 0.5V between the two.
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  3. Slipperss said:

    My CPU volt is 1.45 (i7-930)

    What are you clocked at 4.4, 4.6 ?
  4. 4.4 so far, might be able to squeeze more out of it without raising the volt any further.
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