SLOW WD Black Drive - WD2001FASS -Pics Inside - Why? Can it be fixed?

Hey, I was trying to transfer a 3GB file from my old Seagate 1TB Drive to my new Western Digital 2TB Black Drive. (Have about 80GB in total to transfer). The drive itself was pretty expensive, and the stats I read on it was good, so I'm curious as to why I'm getting a 3 hour estimate to transfer a 3GB file from one drive to another.

I took some pictures of all my settings. The Drive that appears slow is my WD2001FASS (E Drive [E:], Also called PERFORMANCE)

Disk Read/Write Tests:

Disk Management Settings:

Disk Monitor

Task Monitor:

Disk Copy: (Actually takes WAY longer than 35 minutes ETA)

Crystal Disk Info:

Can anyone help me out on getting this drive to run faster, like it's supposed to? Whenever I open a program that's installed on the drive, it takes forever to load.
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  1. also, when I hover over caution. It says Current Pending Sector Count: 1465
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