Evga gtx 295 reboots computer problem?

the gtx 295 reboots the computer at the vista's score test. whats wrong with it, or what did i do wrong?. latest driver has been updated to 182.08.
any help will be greatfull.
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  1. You need to let the forum know your computer spec's, beyond just the video card and driver version.
  2. Welcome to the forums!

    What is your power supply?
    Is the memory voltage correct?
  3. Download GPU-Z and tell us the temperature of the video card under stress.
  4. computer spec's
    windows vista (os)
    asus formula rampage
    intel quad core 9550
    8 gig ocz reaper pc2-9200/ ddr2 1150
    raidmaxx 730ss, 730w

    i will test it with gpu-z asap.

    my memory voltage shows (dram 2.27v) (dram ref 1.14v)
    i got all those info form the pc probe 2
  5. gpu-z show's under stress.......
    gpu temp 55c
    pcb temp 43c
  6. Also test the memory for errors with memtest86+.
  7. i have use 3 sets of new memorys. still same thing . which is the best power supply i should get?. how about the emermax galaxy (egx1000ewl). price dont matter at this point,

    the computer dont shut off when i play games, just on the testing score page?.

    thanks for everybodys help on this forum. =)
  8. how about the emermax galaxy (egx1000ewl)?

    That's a good one. Corsair is very good too.
  9. toniyturbo said:

    the computer dont shut off when i play games, just on the testing score page?.

    Then it's probably not a power issue.
    I'd still get away from the Raidmax, but you don't need a 1000 watt unit for your system unless you plan on adding a second 295.
  10. toniyturbo said:
    ...which is the best power supply i should get?. how about the emermax galaxy (egx1000ewl)...

    Get a 700w+ Corsair, PCP&C, Seasonic, Enermax or Antec Earthwatts PSU.
    The Enermax Galaxy 1Kw PSU is a good unit but probably a little overkill.
  11. i might order another gtx295 if i get this (rebooting) fix.
    i will look into corsair and other you guys mentioned.

    should i try my friends 1200w galaxy to see if its the psu problem?
    opps i forgot , i am running the (vista eternity). if that is a problematic os, please advise me.
  12. corsair hx1000w (cmpsu1000hx
    galaxy 1000w

    which one should i get?
  13. I JUST GOT MY 295 AND AM RUNNING oops caps lock 181.71 beta drivers with windows 7 and it wont run the os perf test or futuremark but work just fine in the games so my guess is that nothings wrong if that is your only problem
  14. aww that stinks. a 500/600 dollar card and cant even do a little thing.
    its too much money for (thats how it is) grrrrrrr, and i was thinking of getting another gtx295 if this problem gets fixed.

    i think i will go with the enermax galaxy 1000 anyways for the future.
  15. thanks for all the help you guys/gals from this forum.

    it is the power supply.
    i replaced the raidmaxx junk with the enermax revolution 85+ 1050ewt and it works great now.
    the vista performance test went like a breeze and 5.9 all the way through the chart.

    i bought another gtx 295 to make twin setup, it seems to perform the same as single setup.
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