How hot is too hot?!?

new to the forum. I just put together an AMD Phenom II x 4 955 BE, I have an Asus M4A87td Evo mobo, and 4gbs patriot 1333 DDR3 Ram. I have a Corsair 650watt power-supply, and an Arctic Cooling 64 Pro heat sink. I've got an Antec Silver case with 2 HUGE exhaust fans (the one on top is like the whole top of the case). My problem is my chips core temp Overclocked to 3.6ghz from 3.2, with 1.325V to the chip is running at 52degrees Celcius, and is topping out at 72degrees during the Prime95 torture test. Any suggestions? I've removed cleaned and re-applied thermal paste and reseated the heat sink. The mother board is only 38degrees, but the chip is burning up. It has a tjMax rating of 90degrees, but 55 seems too high.
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  1. I see 62c as max safe temp ..72 deg is to high
    you need better heatsink:
  2. is it possible that the case is to blame? this cooler is rated super high @ newegg, also both times I put it on it slid on the thermal grease a little bit
  3. I don't know if your getting correct temp. read out -check with bios,some times temps could be off by few deg.,good termall paste could drop your temps as much as 7deg ,your case is small and that is another 5~7deg.
    Don't apply to much termall paste
  4. What is your ambient (room) temp?
    72'C is just too high, try reducing the Vcore a little and see what temps did you get...
  5. My house is @ 78F, and I reduced my voltage to 1.25 and have seen it drop to 55C. this is better, but I would like to eventually clock the chip as high as it will go, for fun and educational purposes :D
  6. Yeah, it's fun, but it won't be fun anymore if your cpu is overheating (higher heat can reduce it's lifespan)...
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    The Arctic Cooling 64 Pro's (all variations with the 92 mm fans) are, by today's standards, little better than average coolers.

    Find something larger with a 120 mm fan.
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