What am I doing wrong with my ram?

I have some ddr3 from ADATA, these, and they are rated at 1600mhz, with 9-9-9-24, but I cannot get it to run at that.

I have an MSI-e33 H55 mobo, and i don't know if that is the problem, I have my fsb @ 200, and my cpu multiplier 21, and that is rock stable, but when I try to overclock the ram and run intel burn test them my pc crashes. Also my temps seem fine, ~30c idle, and less than 60c after two hours of intel burn test.

Thanks, the rest of my system is as follows;
CPU-g6950 @ 4.2ghz with hyper 212+
RAM-Adata 1600mhz
PSU-Antec Neo Eco 520w
Case-CM 690
GPU-Integrated Intel Graphics

Note: This was my first build, so no previous experience overclocking.
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  1. Your Ram is rated to run at 1600 Mhz., if it won't run at the rated speed...........return it.
  2. What BIOS setting are you chaning to OC your RAM - and what are you setting it to? What other RAM settings have you configured? Have you set voltages manually in BIOS? Which ones and to what?
  3. @ RJR: I wish I could if it is an actual ram problem, not me, but I have had this build for a while, early Mayish, so I cannot take the ram back. I got a cooler about a month ago so I decided to try to overclock.

    @ ekoostik: Like I said, I have the FSB at 200, and when I have the memory ratio to 4, it automatically sets it to 1600mhz, and I set the QPI ratio to 16, it sets that to 4800mhz, I have the voltage set at 1.65, that is all I changed.
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    Try bumping up your QPI/Vtt voltage. Is it currently at 1.1? Try setting it to 1.15V. It's typically recommended to keep it no less than 0.5V below your DRAM V (1.65 - 0.5 = 1.15V) if stability is an issue. Intel states the QPI / Vtt typical V is 1.1V, the max is 1.155V while the absolute max is 1.4V (though you should not need to get near this). See tables 7-6 and 7-4
  5. @ ekoostik
    Thank you so much, so far so good.
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