Vista will not install

My Computer specs.
Case: Antec Sonata 3
Power Supply: 500W Antec
Intel Core2 Quad 9550 2.83GHs LGA 775
Gigabite EP45-UD3P Motherboard
G Skill 4GB (2X2 GB) 240 PIN DDR2 SDRAM 1066
win vista 64bit oem

I have a gigabite EP45-UD3P MOBO When I booted my system for the first time I got the gigabite logo up. Was there anything I was supposed to do here with the setting? I did nothing at this point but put the vista 64bit install disk in. Was I supposed to do something else first because I get and error that the BOOTMGR missing.. If i reboot again vista start the install after about 3 min. I come with all sorts of errors. ie: a pool error the next was a IRQL_NOT LESS_OR EQUAL. Each time I do the install, I come up with a different error.

Can someone please give me some help on this
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  1. In BIOS choose CD/DVD ROM as the first boot device, place Vista CD in tray, Save and Exit. Press any key when prompted to load OS.

    Method 2: Perform a clean installation of Windows Vista by starting the computer from the Windows Vista DVD
    Note The computer must be configured to start from the DVD drive. For information about how to configure the computer to start from the DVD drive, see the documentation that is included with the computer. Or, contact the computer manufacturer.

    To perform a clean installation of Windows Vista by starting the computer from the Windows Vista DVD, follow these steps:
    Start the computer.
    Insert the Windows Vista DVD into the DVD drive and then close the drive tray.
    Restart the computer.
    When you receive the "Press any key to boot from CD" message, press a key.
    Follow the instructions to install Windows Vista.
    If Windows Vista is now running on your computer, you have completed the installation successfully.
  3. 1+^ badge, looks like you got this one under control ; )
  4. All GB MOBOs need to be started up by performing the "Load Optimized Defaults" function first, before attempting to install an OS - look in your BIOS at the dozens, or scores of 'auto's everywhere - as everyone hooks up different hardware, how do you think those 'auto's get set correctly? Until this is done, system will naturally be unstable...
  5. thanks for the info. I will get back to. I am going on holiday I will see if I can get wify.
  6. I tried installing vista again, but it won't install. As far as it will go is to expanding files. It will load to about 50% and then I come up with the error and same blue screen.(IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_ EQUAL). On the mobo startup screen I have it set to "Load Optimized". In the advanced bios I set it to load CD rom first.

    One thing that I have noticed is that on the boot menue on the gigabite startup screen it keeps defaulting to the floopy drive(which I don't have)..Could this be the problem that when windows is installing and tries to reboot it is defaulting back to a floopy drive instead of the CD rom drive??? I am trying to install win vista 64 bit oem for builders. Was this the right choice??
  7. Try installing Windows 64 using 1 DIMM of RAM in slot one only. In BIOS, set the speed, timing and voltage to RAM Mfg. specifications. BIOS defaults RAM voltage to 1.8v. The PC28500 you are using requires 2.0-2.1v.
  8. Hi
    I did everything mentioned and the vista install just goes so far(to loading files), gets up to about 50% and stops with a blue screen. This time the error is: PFN_List_Corrupt... Tech info.. Stop: 0X0000004E
  9. If you have some different memory try it.
  10. hi
    right now, I am writing all 0"s to the HD. It has another hour to go. The only option I have with memory is to swap with the other one because i am just using one stick now.

    I had alot of problems on my first boot and that took along time to solve. I was playing with the motherboard a long time. I thought it was shorting on the cooler screws and it went in and out twice. Do you think i could have fried something?? and could this be the problem..

    Another thing is, my windows vista which is oem for builders, I have tried installing it about 10 times so far. Will the options run out for me to re-install it? And is there a special way to install or do you just put it in and let it run after configuring the BIOS for CD rom first?
  11. The option to install from the Vista OEM OS DVD will not run out. You may have to install the HD in anothe working system and use Windows to format the HD as a boot drive. The error you posted is likely related t RAM issues. Or driver, but you have not loaded the OS or any system drivers.
  12. From:

    PFN_LIST CORRUPT means that the system went to swap memory between the RAM and the VRAM on the hard drive, and couldn't. either: Pagefile.sys is not properly addressed.. did you change it's location in the registry? HDD Corruption -- The bad sector is located inside the pagefile.sys (although usually this would just cause a hang) BAD RAM -- (usually would give you a Page Fault Error instead

    I agree with Ketix, I had the same problem and came here to read the messages. I am running XP Pro on an HP P4 with 2x512 ram sticks, which I had upgraded from 2x256 ram sticks. Anyway after 3 months one day the Big Blue Screen showed up, I had not made ANY recent config. changes. So I pulled both 512 ram sticks and put the old 256 sticks back in. Started up like nothing ever happened. So I purchased a new 512 stick and put it and one of the suspected 512 sticks back in. Started up and Big Blue showed up again. I pulled the suspected 512 stick and replaced with the other one and started up like nothing happened. Been running ever since.
  13. Hi....First of all, Thank you for your knowledge and wisdom, It is well appreciated. Today, I mailed my Motherboard and Ram back to Newegg. The reason being, is that when I first installed the Motherboard, it was shorting out on me. (This was corrected) I think this affected both the Motherboard and the Ram. I called the WD and as far as they could see, it was not my hard drive. But my 30 day support and return options are running out on me. Plus my rebates. So, it comes down to either my Motherboard, Ram, video card are the problems. I did a MEM test and it stalled out half way through the test. I am expecting replacments to come in a week or so, and I will let you know how I made out.

    My 30 day support is running out with WD so, what i have to, is what i have to do!!!!!!
  14. Good luck with getting the replacement parts and getting the system up. If the RAM showed errors during memtest no way an OS is going to load up without the system crashing. MBs are succeptible to damage during handling and installation. So, it's not uncommon to get bad ram right out of a new retail package. It happens. Post back when you get the system running.
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