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Apologies if this comes up as a repeat posting but I am new to the site and couldn't see my original query, which was: 'My daughter has purchased an external Samsung DVD writer/reader but when she links it to her Acer Aspire netbook running Vista it doesn't appear on her machine. It works fine with my Samsing N310 netbook running XP.' Any help much appreciated. Dave F
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  1. Does the drive detected as an "Unknown Device"??
  2. Hi hell_storm. Thanks for your reply. No, the drive does not show on the netbook at all.
  3. Have you tried inserting the CD in the drive letting it spin up and then connecting it to your daughter's netbook USB port.
  4. Hi pjmelect. Thanks for your suggestion. I will give it a go. Dave F
  5. Thinking about it a bit more, and knowing kids nowadays, are you sure that the USB port works on your daughter's laptop. Kids nowadays just ram the plugs into the socket without any regards to which way around it goes breaking the fragile pins on the USB socket. Have you tried another socket? Have you tried another device into the USB port?
  6. When you connect the drive to your daughter's laptop, check the device manager to see if there are any devices with conflicts (yellow !) on them.

    You can also check out disk management to see if the drive is showing in either the top or bottom window.
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