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planning to buy the asus gtx 460 directcu 1gb. had a couple quick questions; is it worth it to buy the oc'ed version for $15 more? i have never done much oc'ing with graphics cards (i've done plenty with motherboards/cpus/ram)...i think one reason is because ive always felt the margin of error is much less forgiving with graphics cards..(seems that is changing). the other question was about buying cards that are sold as factory over clocked, are they generally going to be harder or easier to manually adjust speeds/voltages than the stock clocked? or neither harder nor easier, thankyou.
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  1. Well, i bought the MSI GTX 460 1Gb Cyclone edition, and its imba for overclocking, so i recommend you get that one since it has the most overclocking potential, i am using MSI afterburner to overclock it, and these are my settings:
    -Core voltage: 1050
    -Core clock: 845
    -Shader clock: 1690
    -Memory clock: 2102
    -Fan speed: Auto

    Good luck ^^
  2. For $15 more the Top model comes with lots of adapters and better software and saves you the trouble of oc'ing if you're not so inclined.
    However both models have Asus voltage tweak for oc'ing.
  3. I'd be pretty weary buying an msi card...i've never bought msi anything, i've been close, but seems everytime i read something that turns me off, then it's corroborated by someone else and i buy something else. although i do see the gtx 460 msi reviews look decent, would really take something special for me to buy msi. can i get an answer on buying pre overclocked boards? are they generally more trouble to further overclock then the stock models? or no difference?
  4. thanks for the replies btw. but i really would like to see if someone has the answer to the factory oc'ed cards compared to non factory oc'ed cards? On another note since you mentioned MSI, i went and checked out some of this utility software they put out (afterburner, kombuster). i'll have to take a closer look at it later, but on the surface (for the kombuster) i ran a couple benchmark tests and it's giving me the exact frame rate scores for my card, whether i set it to 16 aa or 2aa or no aa, that seems strange?
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