Problem with auto decrease frequency.

My laptop has just maintained. Motherboard changed.
I notice one problem, that it sometimes auto decrease CPU frequency. I know speedstep, and I know it control frequency by controling multifrequency. But mine do not only decrease multifrequency, external frequency also decreased.

The problem trouble me a long time. I want to know why external frequency decreased? Because of the high temperature?

When I am playing the 3d games, it decrease the external frequency. Please help me. thanks!
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  1. Hi

    Have you tried disabling Enhanced C1(C1E)?
  2. My laptop bios has no setting as you said. HP DV4204TX.
    I just want to know if the decreace of external frequency cause of high temperature?
    Thanks you!
  3. See if this is what you are referring to: HP laptop frequency scaling
  4. starams5 said:
    See if this is what you are referring to: HP laptop frequency scaling

    It was not for my problem. But also thanks for help me. Maybe my problem is a puzzle. I asked many times in many forum.

    It decrease both external frequency and mulitfrequency. I want to know why it works like that? Maybe I should go for some deep technology about CPU works. That 's hard to me.......

    Thanks any way. starmas5
  5. Don't give up buddy you'll figure out, take care.
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