This motherboard any good?

Upgrading my sisters pc as it's quiet ancient and pcs are so cheap now days. Only really uses for browsing and playing WoW. I think I settled on the cpu Intel Pentium E5200 dual core but not quite sure on the mobo.

ASRock G31M-S Intel G31 is the cheapest but I never really heard of this one so was considering maybe getting the Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L Matx which is a tad more expensive but has a lot more listings. to refer to price or maybe suggestion of different mobo. THanks guys.

Also what would be a good choice for graphics card.
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  1. I just snagged an ASRock G31M-S to be basis for my Home Theater PC. Been running for over a month now and it is solid, stable, and have not had any issues whatsoever. It is an excellent mobo for a general use/light gaming machine. This is my third ASRock mobo and I have come to believe that they are the best of the low-end board makers. Unless you just all out get a booty board, the G31M-S is a good choice.

    HTPC Specs...
    ASRock G31M-S
    Celeron E1400
    1GB G-Skill DDR2-800
    EVGA 9600GT
    XP 32bit

    btw---ASRock is actually the generic name brand for Asus.

    The ATI 4550 or 4650 would make a nice low end video card in the $50 range, or the 4850 for around $100.
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