New build comment and critique

corsair 750 w
evga gtx 295
i7 920
6gb of g.skill ram
cm 690
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  1. that's a good build, anything i7 is a great build. def future proof. im an ati fan but nvidia has great parallel architecture coming out for it's gpus for encoding video

    badaboom baby!
  2. The psu may be a bit overkill. You could've gotten away with something along the lines of the antec earthwatt 500W. However, it's hard to critique a build like that, nice choices.
  3. It looks very good, but not finished. I'm going to assume your in the US.

    I suggest you pick up this ram, its currently the best deal on newegg for DDR3.

    HDD: This one is very fast, and very reliable. If you don't need 1TB then go for the WD6401AALS.

    OS: not sure if you got one or not, but if you dont pick this up. If you do, make sure its 64 bit!

    You need a CPU cooler so you can overclock that bad boy and realize the i7's full potential. My suggestion:
    with this:
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