Is there a GOOD 24" monitor that the maker backs up?

My beast build came to a halt today. Got a message from newegg stating my credit card was declined. My monitor order was NOT on it's way.

After phone call to the bank, i found out I had exceed my daily speending limit on my debit card (oops). I am kind of thinking this is a blessing....

I am looking for a GOOD GAMING HD monitor. I would like 1900 x1080. It needs to have a fast response time. As in, I dont ant to see any blur or artifacting when watching fast action HD movies or while playing games. I need to be able to read the text on the screen as well.

I was thinking HDMI out put but somebody told me that DVI was better? Any way, my budget is about $300 or less.

I would like one that is backed up by the maker. If it shows up on my door step with a stuck green pixel in the center of the screen, i expet it to be taken back and fixed or replaced. I am reading too many horror stories on line how makers were telling you that there needed to be 3 dead pixels.... then 5, and now they are up to 8. I think 8 blown pixels is bull.

Any way, would some of you monitor guru's lend some suggestions? Asus makes a 24", but I was told stay way that they only do mobos right.... What about Acer, Samsung, etc? I would prefer to buy from either Tigerdirect or Newegg.
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  1. I bought this asus 24" monitor a month ago, best monitor i have owned so far.
  2. I purchased a pair of 24" refurbished HP monitors for $220 each from mwave and I have been very happy with them. No dead pixels and real nice quality. I use them primarily for business and an occasional game. Also, as far as I know, DVI and HDMI are the same. Just different connections.

    Browse for some great prices.
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