Phenom9950 vs phenom 2 940

I have the 9950 BE and im thinking of upgrading to the phenom II 940. Im just curious if it is going to give me a noticeable difference for gaming. my specs are

phenom 9950 @2.8ghz
HD 4870 gpu
OCZ platinum 800mhz x 8 gigs
vista 64bit
antec 650w psu
asus M3A78-t mobo

i know the 955 is out now and my mobo is compatible with it but not wanting to spend the extra $80 for it over the 940. my benchmark with 3dmark vantage is around 8800 which is pathetic imo. i feel like my cpu is bottlenecking me right now which is why im wanting to upgrade but if its going to me a minimal diffrence ill just spend the money on another HD 4870 and run crossfire.
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  1. the 940 will be far better than your 9950, and the maybe you can OC it to 3.2ghz and a 4GT/s or above HT to equalise it with the 955.
  2. Thanks for the input. I went today to micro center to get the 940 but they sold it minutes before i got there. so i broke down and bought the 955. so far its nice...i have yet to test it while gaming. now im trying to figure out how these people with the same card as myself are getting 15000+ gpu scores on 3dmark.
  3. There is a difference between 3dmark06 and 3dmark vantage
  4. i believe it was 3dmark vantage that i was seeing the exact card i have doubling my score. Im only getting around 8800 while they are getting ~15000. are they changing there FSB speeds to up the score?
  5. They probably have their video cards overclocked, but I still don't see how there could be that big of a difference.
  6. Meh, I'd spent the money saving up for a better GFX, nvm.
  7. whats wrong with the one i haver?
  8. Nothing, I don't see this as a good upgrade.
  9. at least i know my cpu isnt my bottleneck anymore :P
  10. Good point :p
  11. Disable cool and quiet. I know it should not make a difference, but running 3D Mark benchmarks, it will make a BIG difference.
  12. that was disabled long ago.
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