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Well, my old hd isn't working anymore so i decided to buy a new one.
For my primary disk i chose a Samsung Spinpoint f3 1 tb
But since i usualy use a lot of diskspace. I decided to buy some more disks as well. These will be used for storage for movies, series and music. I read around and i decided on a WD Caviar green.
Now i went looking at the website of the cheapest shop in my country ( Netherlands)
And i found 3 kinds of caviar green. Caviar Green, Caviar Greenpower, Caviar Green AV.

The link is in dutch, But since most of it are english terms anyway i dont think it would be a problem to understand it for people who dont speak dutch.

what are the differences between these? and which one would you reccommend? The prices are in euro's And i have around 80E to spend
Help would be really welcome!
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  1. I can't see the drives through the link you gave, but I don't think there's any difference between "Green" and "Greenpower" - both are just marketing terms for WD's low-power line of drives.

    "AV" stands for "Audio/video" - these drives have firmware that's specifically optimized for playing back video clips. But unless you're using these drives in a computer that's recording one movie in real time while you're trying to watch another movie (or two), then the standard drives should work just fine.
  2. According to official websites it's same, the difference is only on the capacity and cache, its only typing error on the site you provide. The Green series consume less power but with a lower transfer rate, I suggest you should get the Samsung Spinpoint instead for a better performance.
  3. Oh sorry if i wasn't clear.
    The Samsung spinpoint will be my primary disk. Just looking for additional disk's for more storage for movies etc.
    So this one should be fine?:
    Thanks for the help.

    Another question you might know, This won't be the right subforum to ask. But I dont feel like making another topic for a simple question:
    Will i be able to use the win7 ultimate licence code, i also used on the ( now not useable) old harddisk for on my new harddisk?
  4. no one? :(
  5. Should be able to. If not, contact Microsoft and tell them you upgraded your hard drive.
  6. Yes, the WD10EARS drive should work just fine as long as you're looking for bulk storage and not for fast performance. Note that this is an "advanced format" drive that uses 4Kbyte sectors. This drive won't perform very well if you partition it using an older version of windows - make sure that you use Windows 7 to create the partitions.

    Other than that one caveat, it will work just fine - I have two of them and have had no problems with either.
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