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hello all,
when i overclock my amd x4 b50 cpu to 3.7 ghz at 1.4750v in win7 and play the games ,after 5 to 10 mins the error comes that dcom processor has stopped working,
or host process has stoppeed working,
plug and play service has stopped working.
I get this error when i play gta4 ,what the hell ,
but when i am at 3.6ghz at 1.440v it is quite good and it does not give that error what can be the problem.......?????
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  1. Sounds like you're not stable at them speeds. And if you're not stable with 1.47+v I wouldn't bother trying to use it at 3.7. Keep with 3.6GHz at the lesser voltage - this way it'll run stable and cooler.
  2. I am 10 hrs prime stable at those speed
  3. But 5 minutes of games causes a crash? Don't just rely on Prime95.. I was stable at 3.7GHz with my 720BE using prime for over 4 hours, but 3DMark would crash. I put it down to 3.6GHz and now it's 24/7 stable with all applications.
  4. 3.6GHz is quite HIGH enough to play any games with HIGH setting (with a proper GPU too). So i guess you will better stay with 3.6GHz. :)
  5. ^^^^^ listen to this.

    The difference between 3.6 and 3.7 in-game would be less than a few FPS. Just keep it at 3.6 and accept that's your limit.
  6. i again did the prime 95 testing and found out that the issue was that i had abloody week core which failed after some time but how could thiss happen ....
    Earlier this did not happen but now it fails after 10 mins of prime 95....
    Now have disabled the core and am right now at 3.8 stable at same voltage and still doing some testin to reach the 4 ghz mark he he
    anyways thanks for your cooperation....
  7. What's the point in getting to 4GHz if you have to lose one of your cores to do it?
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