SAPPHIRE Vapor-X Radeon HD 4870 2GB????

Does anyone know how the 4870 2GB compares to the 1GB or the 512MB, is it worth the extra cash to get the 2GB?

Heres the link.....
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  1. if you run high resolutions then it would be nice but seriously you do not need 2 gigs of ram. i would rather have a faster card like the 280gtx than the 2 gig 4870.
  2. One other does the 4780 2GB compare to the 4850 X2 2GB, they seem to be priced about the same
  3. 2GB on a single gpu card is so overkill..... 1GB is enough even for 30'' 2560x1600 rez with all the bells and whistles... at least on modern games and cards

    and 4780 2GB has somewhere around 75% of the performance of a 4850X2 2GB depending on the games crossfire support, if the game doesn't support crossfire at all then the 4870 will be some 20% faster (though most games support xfire just fine these days). You are comparing 1 chip card to a dual setup with 1GB memory for each core. so it's not 'fair' nor as straight forward as one might think...
  4. i seen a review some where but cant find it, the extra memory does help it comes out on top of the 4870 and not only that it also looks sexy one of the best looking cards on the market
  5. ^^oh, pls look harder :) I wanna see that review lol
  6. werxen the 4870 2gig has a lot more going for it than the 280
  7. rangers said:

    thanks 8)

    soo, looks like I learned something new. :D
    Some games will need over 1gig of memory with ultra high settings and you can get couple of frames more or even better settings with that extra memory in demanding games. interesting...

    Those cards would make really impressive crossfire setup :PP
  8. i would like to see the numbers with two of these in crossfire
  9. this release is absurd... there's a difference i know, but it's very small... and Sapphire is releasing this at an absurd price...

    $260 will be the price for 4890 (if not lower) and it will outperform this 4870... even at those high resolutions. Except for those tests where 1gb is not even enough to run the test...

    I would wait the 15 days and get the other card, i now we don't know the 4890's performance yet... but it's obvious it'll perform those 2-3 fps higher... :D
    the card looks beautiful though, and those temps seem really low...
  10. I've been running on this card for a week already and it performs really well.It's also very quiet and cool.I got quite a good discount on it here in Japan.It was about 260$ plus some extra points.Not a bad deal I guess:)
  11. check this site,
    i try to see the difference between this one and ati 4890 to get the better one.
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