First time nas buyer

hi all i hope to build my own nas server in future but for now i would like quick easy solution

i was thinking of either buying a qnap ts210 or a synology ds209

i want a nas to stream hd movies and for storage and a itunes server

i just wanted to know which is better and has more features and can handle 1080 movies really well

i was also thinking of using two 2tb hitachi deskstar drives because i had already purchased those about two weeks ago and thought i would put them to good use

are these drives any good?

thx in advance
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  1. Don't know about the 2 NAS boxes, but you already have the drives, so why ask if they are good now? Should have asked 2 weeks ago eh?

    They are so-so, nothing special. Although the hitachi stuff from what I remember were bought from IBMs drive business which became really tarnished after a whole series of their deskstar drives were failing like mad. They were actually nicknamed "Deathstars" due to their tendancy to die. I would go with Samsung, then WD, then Seagate, then Hitachi myself. But since you already have the drives, unless you buy new ones, you have what you have.
  2. i asked about the drives because i havent even opened them yet because i bought them before deciding to get a nas and i am still in time to return them

    but i bout them because i heard that gtechnology drives are really reliable and they use deskstars which i confirmed also by calling them up

    i guess i should return them for a pair of wd caviar blacks 2tb
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