9600GSO 768mb versus 4670 1GB for computation

The never ending comparisons... my kink is that I use graphics cards for computing and adaptive algorithms (not so much gaming)

I've read many of the good (and bad and ugly) discussions about the 9600GSO merits. These are especially popular among the "Folding" fans for the 92 stream processing etc

Both are DDR3. In most cases the 4670 specs seem much better. Higher clock 750 vs 575 etc. The GSO advantage is the 196bit memory width versus the 128bit for the 4670

Fry's still seems to be selling the PNY version at $50 after rebate (presumably to clear inventory for the new name changes :-) Newegg has the MSI version 4670 at about $10 more after rebate

I think the 4670 could be worth the extra $10... but for computation is there any particular advantage to the 9600GSO and the wider memory bus?
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