I'm doing a new build and just want to make sure I have enough cooling. amd phenom ii x4 955, 4 gigs of ram either 1333 or 1600, single 5850, 650w psu, and 7200 rpm hdd. I have 3 case fans, stock hsf for the 955, psu fan, and the gpu fans. I'm wondering if this is adequate and I won't be overclocking anything.
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  1. What case will you be using?

    The number of fans is not as important as their size and location. If you have a case with either two intake or output 120mm fans, you will get good cooling.
  2. probably the rosewill challenger.
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    That case will be OK. I would suggest the Antec 300 illusion model at a similar price which has superior cooling:
  4. Ok, I'll see if I can rearrange some things because I had the rosewill in a combo deal with my cpu.
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