New computer Issues! please help :-)

Hey all , im not sure if im posting this in the right section or not , but here goes , i have recently bought a new pc from the Uk and had it shipped to me , i asked for what i wanted and they built the rig for me , i have got it home and installed windows Xp pro , all is well and fine untill i start to play a game and i seem to get random lock ups (pc freezes and i cannot do anything but hitt the rest button)

i have ran memtest, Prime95 , 3dmark06 , furmark , sisoft sandra and the Nvidia ntune stability test all coming back with no errors the system specs are as follows

intel Quad Q8200
8gb kingston ram
Nvidia GTS 250 512mb Video card
1tb Hitachi Hdd
750watt PSU ,

i have tried changing video settings well playing games such as Farcry 2 , Fallout 3 , Call of duty 5 still with no luck , any help would be much loved! thanks in advance!
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  1. Bump the ram and north bridge voltage a bit.

    with 8G of ram you need more then stock northbridge and ram voltage.
  2. Ya, i had the same prob. i found out it was a corrupt game but try reinstaling the game and see if it works
  3. hey guys forgot to mention i also have all the latest drivers installed and have reformatted + reinstalled windows and the games several times over , will over clocking the ram and northbridge solve the crashing problems ? , i have also removed 6gb of ram and am currently running only 2gb , iv tried with 8,6,4, and 2gb of ram all of which have had no luck
  4. Hey fellas just a note to say i have now reformatted again to Windows 7 and this issue is still happening , any help would be much appreciated , thanks
  5. Hmm really strang it runs the benchies with no hang up but when gaming it crashes... sorry buddy I'm totally not shure what it could be but if I were you I would try exchanging the graphics card (with one of a friend of your's) to look if it is the problem. If not you at least know something more....

    I know it's not the answer you expect but I'm also not the best to give advice... but in general just exchanging one part after the other shows you which part has the problem..
  6. Yeah i would usually do this but i have recently moved to a new city and dont have any mates here with a Pc :-!(
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