No help from ATI not even the courtesy of a response

I require some help trying to install ATI 4870x2 manufactured by diamond multimedia.
the basics of my system are
qx9650 o/c 3.6
power supply 1000 W ultra
RAM patriot Viper 2x2 gig 8500
motherboard p5n-t deluxe with bios 1402
Vista 32-bit
graphics ATI 4870x2
I have tried everything I can think of to install the drivers for this card but have not had much luck. I have gone through removing all ATI software in system 32 drivers registry etc. When downloading drivers separately I continuously get in the device manager code 43 which only allows operation of one processor. After contacting diamond regarding this problem there suggestion was to go directly to ATI and download the latest drivers. I also had no luck with their suggestion at that point they recommended I returned the card to where I purchased it for exchange. Tiger direct was kind enough to make the exchange with no questions however you guessed same problem. After contacting Diamond again they claimed they were not aware of this problem. After checking on the Internet I find this code 43 to be extremely prevalent regarding this product. Not wanting to make this a $500 paperweight I did some experimentation and allowed Vista to find drivers for this video card and it appears it is installed an old version 8.542 which allows this card to function however these drivers are outdated. My computer is used for XPlane a flight simulator. I have since been able to download catalyst control Center for these drivers with some success. If anyone has a resolution to this problem I would appreciate any constructive help. When a company takes the approach of not responding to customer inquiries and denies a problem exists when they are well aware you should be apprehensive dealing with Diamond multimedia. In conclusion I do not recommend doing business with this company because of their inaction and lack of technical expertise.
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  1. is it on a clean install
  2. This is a very popular issue on the ati user forums. I have never seen a clear cut solution beyond "try more drivers."

    I myself am stuck using 8.10 because of crossfire issues brought on my a crappy bios in the Asus cards I have (I'm trying to not be tempted by the realyl sexy matrix 4890 they are comign out with as i am irritated by the asus cards I have now being POS).

    The issue you state is common.. but a lot of people dont get it on the new drivers. yet some do.. Try heading over to the ATI forums and see if there is any word on what drivers work for others.
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