Overclock (Turbo Boost) Help i5-750 on GA-P55AU-UD6

So I adjusted my Blck frequency to 160mhz, set my memory to XMP, undervolted to 1.2volts and left all other settings stock. But dont think turbo boost is working. Cpuid never shows anything other than a 21x multiplier. The bios only show 1x also. I have tried setting prime 95 to 1 core only and still no changes with turbo boost. What am I missing? I have attached a picture. How do my temps look?
Thanks. Erik
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  1. I do not see any image in your post, but think there is supposed to be one from the tag. And you said what? BIOS shows "1x"!!! Please edit the post or make another clarified post. Include RAM manufacturer name and frequency with timing.
  2. The turbo works when the CPU is idle .... When p95 is running expect the CPU to be going full tilt as that is what p95 is used for .... To stress the CPU.
  3. I had some C state settings that were preventing Turbo from working. It is better now. Thanks. Could not figure out how to post an image? Will it only post from a site? Like picasa?
  4. ^yes, you have to upload the picture to the internet first, then link to that. Can't just post off your hard drive. Try photobucket.com.
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