I think theres a wire grounding/shorting itself somewher in my case...

How would I go about finding it...

I think its a wire or lead in the front panel of the case. here is the symptoms.

every once in awhile when I plug a jump drive or any other usb device into the front ports on my case my pc will reboot (I guess because the usb plug and the port have different electrical potentials? I don't know...)

Also every once in awhile when my pc is shut off. I will go to swing open the drive bay door (because the power button is behind it) and as soon as my hand makes contact with the door the pc will automatically power up. Didn't touch the power button or anything just the drive bay door.
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  1. congratulations:
    your ELECTRIC !!!!

    make sure that the pins that connect from your mobo to the front panel are in the right holes.
  2. I'm pretty sure that they are all pinned out correctly, they weren't those individual pin things where you pin it out yourself, they were just monolithic plug...
  3. i thought all motherboards came with those individual pins...my bad
    weird, i wish i could turn on my computer like that. if i were you, i would ground myself before plugging anything in by touching another part of the case.
  4. lol, let me help you. The motherboard has the individual pins sticking out of it. the thing I'm talking about is the usb connector that actually plugs into it. some you have to plug it into each pin separately and some come with just a whole connector. Do you get it now?
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