Best Graphics Card for Movies/TV Shows

I currently have NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT

I am looking for a second card

I am looking to make the quality of my Movie and or TV Shows better (along with games but my first one works just fine)

Maybe an HD graphics would work well?

Im new to this and building/upgrading my computer.

I am also getting a new case the Coolermaster Cosmo S
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  1. You want to go with an ATI card for bluray,
    i would recommend anything between a 3850 and a 4850,
    ATI cards decode the high def movies on the card (i believe) with no extra software,
    i have an nvidia card and they want to make me buy PureVideo to allow me to decode on the card,
    Yeah ATI cards are the way to go when it comes to doing things with HDTVs and HTPCs. All ATI cards from the HD 3xxx and 4xxx series will give you excellent performance with Blu-ray and they include Native HDMI.
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