Upgrading from 8800GTS

Long story short, I am upgrading the CPU, mobo, RAM, and GPU in my PC and I want to get the most upgrade for my money. I also want to know if I can keep my current PSU with the new build, which I will get to in a minute.

What I have now:

C2D 1.86Ghz
8800GTS 320MB
Gigabyte S3 mobo

What I was thinking of going to:

C2D 8400
GPU - not sure
Mobo - unsure but I liked the Gigabyte so probably another P45 based Gigabyte

I have been doing a bit of research and have seen the Nvidia GeForce 260 Core 216 mentioned fairly often. People say it's big but I have an Antec 900, so I am not overly concerned, plus the 8800GTS isn't a tiny card to begin with. What I am wondering is am I making too big a leap to that card? Is there a better bang-for-the-buck card between that and what I have now?

With regards to the PSU, I have a Corsair 520w modular. It has 3x 12v rails with plenty of juice. Is this something I can transplant into the new build? Or am I going to need to step up to another?

Thanks in advance for any and all info.
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  1. Your power supply would be just fine to run a GTX285/280/260/9800GTX+ or 4870/4850. You might have to get a new one if you go crossfire with 4850s (550w recommended) or use the 4850x2. You'd have to go bigger if you crossfired 4870s or went with a 4870x2. If crossfire isn't an option or the X2s then your Corsair 520w should be fine. 4 cards that would be a good upgrade for you depending on budget and resolution would be a 9800GTX+ @ $125 after rebate, HD4870 512 @ $145 after rebate, 4870 1GB $180 after rebate or a GTX260 216 @ $200 after rebate. Prices will probably change Mar. 1st.
  2. What resolution?
  3. Resolution is 1280x1024. Monitor is a 19" Viewsonic.

    Do you mean that prices will be going up on March 1st? Or just those current deals will end?
  4. Usually the current deals on Newegg stop at the end of the month.
  5. P-Stew said:
    Resolution is 1280x1024. Monitor is a 19" Viewsonic.

    Do you mean that prices will be going up on March 1st? Or just those current deals will end?

    HD4830 is perfect for that resolution and less than $100. And your PSU is fine for any single video card.
  6. If I were you I would wait with buying a new graphic card (maybe even wait for direct x11). You could buy 4 gigs of ddr2-800ram for really little money and overclock your Core 2 duo E6300.

    I have a 9800gt which isn't much better then your card and the E6300 at 2.6ghz with 4 gigs ram and every game runs well enough at 1680x1050.... (also crysis).
  7. If your buying a new mobo then you might aswell dump LGA775 all together since it's dead and 720 BE + am2+ mobo gives better value/money.
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