Using 8 GB Overclocked System?

Hi Guys,

I am using the system below;

Bundle Specification
- CPU: Intel Core i5 760 2.80GHz @ 4.00GHz
- Motherboard: Asus P7P55D-E Intel P55 (Socket 1156) DDR3 Motherboard
- RAM: Corsair Dominator 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 PC3-12800C9 1600MHz Dual Channel
- GPU: HIS Radeon 5870 1GB DDR5
- Cooler: Akasa Venom CPU Cooler (Upgrade options available)
- Artic Silver 5 Thermal Compound

Question: I am currently using 2x 2 gb corsair dominator ram running at (1600 mhz) (overclocked). I have extra 2x 2 gb corsair dominator rams. If I try to use 4 at the same time running 8 gb (all at 1600 mhz), would it affect my system stability? The place I bought the bundle says, your system might not be stable, so im concerned about it, but I don't want to sell those 2 rams for a cheap price as I paid alot for them.

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  1. Since your motherboard support triple channel mode then you will get benefit using only 3 sticks of RAM (3x 2GB RAM). :)
  2. Hi,

    If I use 6gb instead of 4, would it affect the system stability?

  3. You can run 8 Gig without stability problems. That board supports 16 Gig. 8 Gig will not put a lot of stress on the memory controller.
    The Asus P7P55D-E does not support triple channel, Only dual channel. If you only add 1 - 2 Gig stick the single stick will be single mode.

    As long as you are running the correct RAM voltage and RAM timings it will run great with 8 Gig.

    Newer boards do not have the problems running 8 Gig like the Intel P965 chipset. Older chipsets had a problem because they did not support tRFC over 42, It put too much stress on the Memory controller, and you could not run over 800 some times 667.

    Yes you can overclock with 8 Gig also. I do it on my Rampage Formula, and I have not had a problem.

    Go with the 8 Gig.

    Yes, it only support dual channel, sorry guys, i miss that info. :)
  5. Thank you very much for your helps guys. I will go for 8 :) - The voltage has been set to 1.65 as far as I remember. set it to that. Would it be okay?
  6. So run Memtest and do some gaming, if it's stable then continue it... :)
  7. Hi,

    I just received message from saying that the system is not likely to be stable If I plug extra rams. Is there any where else that I can make a research about using 8gb rams on an overclocked system like this because the websites I have found says, using 6 gb is ok but 8 will distort the stability.
  8. Hi,

    Just started using 8GB on this bundle. It looks like latency has increased. It recognizes the 8gb of ram but I don't feel like it works just fine. When I turn on the computer DRAM light turns on after 5-6 seconds turns off. Is this is a problem?

  9. 8GB is plenty, i doubt you will need more than 4GB of RAM.
    You can read on your mobo manual about that DRAM light means...
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