AMD Kuma 7750 vs 7850 Price/Performance?


AMDs of line of dual core processors in the Kuma series (7750 and 7850) have been getting some very good review because of their cheap prices and nice performance.

I was at Micro Center today and I saw they were stocking both the 7750 and 7850. The 7750 was about $60 and the 7850 was about $70. The 2.7GHz 7750 is only 100MHz slower than the 7850 which is 2.8GHz.

To get the point, I am on a really tight budget and I would like to use a Kuma chip and I was also curious to hear your opinions. Is it worth it to pay the extra $10 for it? It may seem silly to make a thread discussing whether or not to spend an extra $10, but money is money.

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  1. Really no need for the 7850 if you are putting it in a custom built computer capable of overclocking, just get the 7750 and go into the bios and change the multiplier from 13.5 to 14 and you'll have yourself a 2.8Ghz processor.

    If you don't want to overclock, your looking at a 16% price increase for a 3% faster clock speed, the 7750 is the better price/performance.
  2. Ah thanks so much. Thanks for the calculations as well ;). When I go and pick up the parts I will see how the budget is doing and whether or not I will have to cut back or not. =)
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