I just upgraded my system, and I am very happy. I've noticed though that my DVD-RW from my last system( and the one before that) is getting a little old.
So when I was looking at what I could replace it with I notice the IDE cable DVD-RW's and new SATA DVD-RW's.
I'm so happy with the speed of my new SATA hard drive that I was wondering if I bought a SATA DVD-RW would it slow down my hard drive. Bassically if I put more things on the SATA inputs does that slow the read/write times for the other things pluged into the SATA ports. Note; putting a SATA DVD-RW would remove all Things I have that use IDE cables so I wouldn't be using the ATA on my motherboard at all. Does this free up CPU cycles ?
Here's my basic setup.

Athlon II 245
2Gb (2x1GB) Corsair XMS2 DDR2 ram
ASUS M3A76-CM motherboard (with 6 available SATA slots and one IDE/ATA connector
ATI x1950 256mb DDR3 PCIexpress video card
And I'm using a creative labs soundblaster live 24bit PCI soundcard. (Bonus question: Which is faster these days sound card or is better to leave the PCI slot free I know most people say it makes no difference but is the PCI slots on the same chipsets as the PCIexpress slots?)

Thanks ahead of time for any help knowledge about these things, I've tried looking around on the web (googling) but soon as I put in DVD-RW all I get is a lot of stuff about burning CDs/DVDs,
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  1. No. Only when using more than one device on the same ide cable is speed affected. Ide devices won't effect your sata speed.
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