Insert System Disk Error

not sure if this is the right spot for this question but...

bought a WD 1tb Black Caviar about 2 weeks ago
installed windows 7 onto it then updated the bios
(asus a8n-e mobo) to version 1013

the problem is that randomly the computer will just turn off happened a couple times now (cant remember if it happened before updating the bios or not)

now randomly when I start the computer up it doesnt detect the HDD in the bios and gives me the "insert system disk" error or whatever it says

i dunno if its a windows error or a bios error or a HDD error or a MOBO error but i have run some of the quick diagnostic tests on the HDD and they all come back fine (data lifeguard diagnostics, seatools for windows, and crystal disk info says its good)

ive also tried changing the sata wire and changing back to the old bios but its still acting up randomly

currently i have it installed in my old comp and no problems as of a couple hours but like I said it acts up randomly so I dunno if that means anything

Im at a loss and a newb so any advice would be saweet
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  1. It sounds like a bad connection to the HDD somewhere, try using another SATA power connector and using another data cable.
  2. ya ive tried switchin the data cabe and it worked for a couple days then back to the same old the other day

    my PSU has one cable with two power connectors on the same cable and ive tried both of those as well
  3. i had the HDD plugged into my old comp and it worked fine through a couple of shutdowns and restarts so i tried it back in the comp i bought it for with the same cable annnnd .... insert system disk error

    soo i thnk the hdd is fine and it seems to be vibrating so the PSU seems to be fine....does that mean its eaither the MOBO or bios???
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