Possible Virus???

I am hoping someone on here can help me with this, I use Microsoft XP home, SP3 and I seem to have picked up a virus from somewhere, the symptoms are

1. Random restarts (anyware from 2sec - 20min after start up),

2. Freezing,

3. an attepmt to download a file,

4. a blue screen that say's there was a serious error found on restart,

5. MSE anti virus keeps turning off.

I have tried to run a scan in safe-mode but it still restarts it's self, although i'm not sure restart is the right word, its more like it just cuts out.

MSE also has not picked up any threats nor has MRT.EXE although I haven't been able to complete a full scan
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  1. Thanks for the link, exactly what I was looking for. I'll try it tonight and see what happens
  2. Didn't work unfortunately, I picked up 15 infections with malware bytes, mostly adware, and -trojan: vundo- then all of my antivirus definitions got deleted and my malwarebytes trial suddenly expired about 2hrs after downloading it. now i'm lucky if the laptop will even turn on.

    I think I may have to reformat, What does everyone think?
  3. I found that one earlier today, i didn't make any difference but I did find another 5 adaware's using different antivirus's, The laptop is acting normaly now but it is still cutting out. I don't know if this is a coincidence or not but it seems to crash when there is a hardware change, eg, opening the disk drive, removing a usb devise etc
  4. bleeping computer worked for vista restore "scareware"
  5. I think the virus is gone now but is it possible that the virus has changed some settings. I realised that the computer was cutting out when I moved it, not When I used external hardware

    Does any one know if my laptop has an accelerometre, it's a fujitsu siemens amilo pro, v3515, and I so how do you access the accelerometre sensitivity settings
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