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Okay I know which brand to buy from, I just need to know how powerful of PSU I need to power this (includes cooling system/fans/mouse/keyboard)
-core i7 920
-EVGA X58 SLI LGA 1366 Motherboard
-GTX260 Core 216-
-Western Digital 7200rpm 500Gb hard Drive
-Generic Optical Drive
6Gb of 1600mhz ram
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  1. Yup.

    Maximum Graphics Card Power 182W
    Minimum System Power Requirement 500W

    Minimum 500W.

    But i would get the Biggest you could afford.
  2. -To Zerk: Well, I really can afford whatever I need, I am not out to spend on unneeded things however. Even if I could afford 1200-watt PSU, I wont get one if I don't need it, thats how I do things so yeah. Anyway I was going to go with a 700-800-watt psu incase I want to SLI, but thanks for the replies. I actually thought it would be much higher in the beginning.
  3. Sorry for double post, but while my topic is still up in the "CPU" sections, I would like to ask, will a Core i7 920 bottleneck my computer in anyway, will it bottleneck games or anything or will it be perfect and will handle everything I throw at it??
  4. Stick with the 920 and get a quality PSU like the Antec 850 Signiture Series or the Corsair 850w.
  5. I already decided to go with a cooler-master 800 watt.
    -any comments on the processor? Is it powerful enough to handle stressful games and apps like crysis and company of heroes.

    -Thank You for any comments.
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