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Hello all, overclocking my Kuma 7750 from 2.7Ghz to 3Ghz. The cooler is an arctic 64 pro and I maintain about 108F to 114F weather idle or heavily loaded which is really not even a deg of difference over stock clock settings. The system runs incredibly stable. I've own multiple AMD CPUs over the ages and my old k6 400 comes to mind which used to run at about 128 to 134 deg fahrenheit and worked great and stable for years and still does if I were to put the system back together. So this begs the question how hot is too hot when your not experiencing errors of any kind. I constantly see people trying to get there cooling down into the 80's and 70's even. I've seen CPUs run at 130+ for over 5 years with no issues so by the time heat would start burning up the CPU it would be far past obsolete given you have maintained stability of course. Is there some facet of the dies getting smaller and smaller that causes them to handle less heat then previous processors or is the heat limit drastically different given the series family the processor falls into?
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  1. Generally overclockers limit the temp upto 134 deg Fahrenheit(on full load) while 104 deg (when idle).Obviously cooling down into to 80's and 70's would help the system run more stable so many people opt for supercooling,its recommended for overclocking any system.
  2. Understood, just thinking if one is rock solid stable at 104 to 114 what would the point be of trying to get down to the 80's? That's a rhetorical question. Thanks for your help.
  3. your cpu will a bit more stable
  4. cheerio... :sol:
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