Odd Antec 300 fan issue

Just built a system with an Antec 300, comes with 2 case fans which are adjustable.

Turned on the system and noticed the rear fan wasnt on. I opened it up again and if I move the fan speed switch with the system on, it will go.

If I turn it off, then try to start the system again with the fan on Medium, it wont go on Try again on low, no good. If I put it on high, then turn it off and on, it works.

So basically when the system is turned on, unless the fan is set to high, it wont turn on. Guess I have to just leave it on high? Kinda annoying. Will Antec send me a new fan?
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  1. I am pretty sure if you call antec for a replacement fan they will have no problem sending you a new one.
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