I7 CPU Low Vcore ( Voltage ) Batter ?

Ok I overclocked my i7 950 to 3.8GHz and had the CPU Voltage at 1.30000 but I have know lowered it to 1.20000 and run prime95 for an hour and it has been stable also the tamperatures stayed at 67 but when doing it at 1.30000 for an hour saw tamperatures reach over 74 so does this mean a low voltage is batter ??? please help I am new to all this overclocking Thanks
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  1. If it is stable at 3.8ghz with 1.2v then you should be fine. But I would run prime95 for at least 10hrs to make sure it is stable. I have had short runs of prime95 pass and get a crash later.
    Even if you have to use 1.3v 74c is still safe just dont let it go past 80c.
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