Dell Precision 380 with Intel 975X, Core 2 Duo Possible?

I checked the specs through Intel on my mainboard and according to the site, this board can run Core 2 Duo Extreme processors. I think I have a 390 chipset in my 380 model (weren't most 950 or 960 chipsets?). How can I check to see if I can upgrade? Intel seems to indicate that the upgrade path is there, but did Dell lock them out with the BIOS? I have 2 P4 3.46EE processors in there now with 4GB RAM. I think this system would scream with 2 Core 2 or quad core processors! Still fast for a system that is 3 years old, but I do a lot of high end work and am seeing some drag in HD video edits). Thanks!
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  1. download and run cpuz and let us know what board you have
  2. According to the Intel Chipset ID Utility, it is a 975X Express Chipset with an 82801GR Controller, however, the cpuz identifies it as a Dell 0XH407. I'm sure that means that Dell has locked the BIOS and is limiting the processor. All the other Precision 380's I have seen had the 955 and 965 chipsets and the Precision 390 was advertised as having the new 975 chipset, so mine doesn't fit the 380 specs.

  3. Found out that I have the 975X chipset because of the EE 955 processors.
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